How Pandaware clothing could save your winter!

December 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

Red pandas can snuggle up in their tail to be kept warm. You on the other hand can not do that. Here are some awesome products however that are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

You can click directly on the products to view variants and sizes. If you fall in love with one of them you can also put them into your cart immediately.

Red Panda Beanies

This incredible beanie with the red panda emblem embroidered to it will not only look magnificent but also keep you warm during rough winter days. It is available in 3 different colors (black, gray and white) and has a black red panda logo embroidered to its front.

Pandaware Socks

These amazing socks will warm your feet no matter where you travel. You can choose between two sizes (Medium and Large). The socks are currently available in the two variants you can see below.

Unisex shirts and sweaters

Sweatshirts and hoodies are comfortable for everyone! Try one of the products below to not only enjoy the warmth of their material but also the thought that your purchase maybe helped a little panda somewhere in the wild to survive.

We hope you enjoyed this article about winter clothing. Maybe you even think about giving us a try! If that is the case then we want to tell you a huge “thank you” in advance. With the help of people like you we can strive to make an impact and maybe make the lives of a few red pandas a lot better!

If you are new to Pandaware Apparel and don’t know what a red panda is we recommend giving the following articles a read:

Every purchase in our shop will make our monthly donation to the Red Panda Network a little big bigger. 🙂

If you want to make an even bigger impact we recommend you to donate directly to the Red Panda Network here.

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