5 Things You Didn’t Know About Red Pandas

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Pandaware Blog! One thing you most definitely know about red pandas is that they are easily the most adorable creatures alive. But we made a list of facts about these cute little animals that you may not have heard of yet. Sit back and enjoy the upcoming 10 facts about the red panda.


Photo: Unsplash

1. Red pandas aren’t pandas

Did you know that red pandas actually aren’t related to the so called giant panda? Red pandas are part of their own family called the Ailuridae. Research that was published in the year 2000 suggested that the red panda belonged to his own phylogenetic family, alongside skunks, raccoons, and mustelids.

2. Red pandas make tweeting noises

Though the red panda is mostly silent when you encounter it, they make a tweeting sound to communicate. Don’t believe us? Listen here for yourself.

Photo: Unsplash.com

3. It was almost called a “wah”

The person that gave the red panda its name was the French zoologist Frédéric Cuvier in 1825 but if it wasn’t for him the animal might have been called “the wah”. In 1821, the English naturalist Major General Thomas Hardwicke held a presentation in which he described the animal and also proposed the name “the wah”, which was based on the sounds that the red panda makes. The paper belonging to his presentation was not published until 1827 though. That is the reason why the naming rights went to Cuvier. What do you think? Would you rather call it a “red panda” or a “wah”?

4. Red pandas are endangered

The red panda is on the IUCN Red List of endangered animals and an estimate of around 10.000 wild animals are still out there. Their biggest dangers are habitat loss and poaching even though they are protected by legislation in their home countries. Organizations such as the Red Panda Network fight for their conservation by teaching locals and actively supporting the species. We from Pandaware Apparel also donate to the Red Panda Network to support this wonderful animal.

5. You can buy art made by red pandas themselves

Photo: Hannah LaPlante | Redpandazine.com


This is Basil, a red panda located in the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse (New York). On November 16 the zoo held an auction with paintings made by its animals and the red pandas participated as well. The program was called “Art Gone Wild!” and supported a tree conversation program called “Trees for You and Me”. For more information about the painting of the little panda visit this article by Redpandazine.


Want to find out more about red pandas, their habitat and where to meet them in person? The following few pages really helped us out to gather even more information about this incredible animal.

Also a huge thank you to this article by the “Scientific American” for some of the awesome facts even we didn’t know at the time of writing this article.


If you liked this article make sure to check out our other blog articles and have a look at our shop if you would like to support the red panda as well. You can also donate directly to the Red Panda Network to make an even bigger impact.


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